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PE & Sports Premium Report

Report on PE and Sports Premium Funding for Years: 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17

PE and Sport plays an integral role to the overall well-being of our children at Our Lady of Dolours Catholic Primary School. We strive to endorse a healthy lifestyle for all our children which includes educating them about being and staying healthy but also fully taking part in sports and regularly exercising through high quality provision which is led and coordinated in the school by a full time specialist sports coach with the support of our PSHE coordinator. We ensure the children take part in a range of activities which include: high quality specialist taught games, gymnastics, dance and swimming. Over the past three years we have increased the quality and range of activities with a particular focus on target groups of children with additional needs.

Over the past four academic years we have increased our focus on keeping physically active, whether this involves walking, scootering or cycling to school, getting active at play times or taking part in sporting clubs after school – particular after school clubs are now free to ensure all children have access to high quality after school sports provision. Also, we have enjoyed success due to our increased participation in inter school sports competitions and are proud of our children who have gone on to represent the local authority in national competitions. Also a number of our children have been successfully recruited by Premier League football clubs. The overall status of PE and Sports remains high throughout the school year culminating in a whole school celebration Sports Day which is coordinated by our specialist coach and his team of additional coaches which is held at the end of the summer term at the nearby Westminster Sports Academy facilities (for the past four years).  

We used our PE and Sports Premium of £8580 in 2013/2014 for:

  • Specialist P.E coach teaches all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. All PE taught at Our Lady of Dolours is delivered by high quality specialists only.
  • Established a Sports House System
  • Established a relationship with the Yaa Asantewa to ensure professional dance teacher works alongside Year 3 and 4 to support the Creative Curriculum in dance
  • Update and replenish sporting equipment for hockey, gymnastics, athletics, table tennis.
  • Reorganised sporting equipment and storage for easy accessibility, new boxes and storage areas have been purchased or built
  • Offering an increased number of free after school Sports Clubs to encourage participation with a particular emphasis on children who are unable to access high quality sports provision outside school due to cost
  • Hosted a whole school Sports Day at Westbourne Green Sports Centre (Westminster Academy Sports).

Impacts of PE Premium in 2013/2014:

  • Increase in the take up of free after school clubs; with particular target children gaining access
  • Free cycling training supporting children in keeping safe and staying healthy - to support children to stay safe on the road
  • Very successful outcomes from inter-school competitions with the increased support from full time coach and emphasis on target groups for gifted children.  A number of gifted students have represented the school and LA at Crystal Palace
  • A newly designated area for storing PE equipment with new storage boxes sited in particular areas used for PE around the school gives easier access to sports equipment which is stored safely and securely.
  • House System was furnished with coloured coded T Shirts for the whole school
  • Enhanced PE experience due to new equipment

We used our PE and Sports premium of £8580 in 2014/2015 for: 

  • Continue funding full time Specialist PE Coach
  • To develop identified areas within the school for the teaching of PE – emphasis on school roof playground – netting, flooring, marking and introduction of sports games that support learning for Maths and English. 
  • To revisit and embed the Olympic values – including funding for visiting Olympians
  • To work towards Enhanced Healthy Schools Award and Westminster School Games Award
  • To further work alongside cultural dance specialists from the Yaa Asantewa

Impacts of PE Premium in 2014/2015:

  • Continued use and increased take up of free place after school clubs
  • Used targeted cycling training to support children to keep safe and stay healthy
  • Another successful year of outcomes from inter-school competitions aided the schools Westminster School Games Award at Bronze - please see link to website below
  • A newly designated area for the teaching of PE included installation of artificial lawn and safety nets over the roof playground  - this has led to the whole school enhancement of enjoyment and experience of PE and play during lumchtime play for KS1
  • Enhanced Healthy Schools Award to be secured in Spring 2016 and we were awarded the Westminster School Games Award at Bronze level in July 2015 - see link  www.yourschoolgames.com/your-school/profile/slug/our-lady-of-dolours-rc-primary-school

We used the PE and Sports Premium of £8880 in 2015/2016 for: 

  • Continued use of specialist coaches/teachers for the teaching of PE, dance and swimming
  • Access to free after school clubs
  • Buy in P3 lunchtime supervisors to aid sports and games during lunch hour (KS1 and KS2)
  • To purchase allocated 'shed' to secure PE equipment - sited in the EYFS playground
  • To further develop the targeted intervention of PE through additional My Time Active and MEND Programmes (Yrs 1 and 4) over the next three years


Impacts of PE Premium in 2015/2016

  • High quality outstanding PE lessons are experienced in every year group, consistently.  PE Coach is a mentor for training staff across the borough. 
  • Free Afterschool clubs for selected pupils to support and engage in active lifestyles - further supporting the work in year two of the whole school MEND programme
  • High quality dance sessions linking carefully to the integrated curriculum in Years 3 and 4 - link with local community
  • P3 support staff training and development plan for lunchtime has secured a more structured approach in the use of space in the playground - pupils have a more pleasurable play experience during lunchtime
  • Less PE equipment has to be replaced due to the use of allocated PE equipment storage areas - creating a cost saving

 We used the PE and Sports Premium of £9120 in 2016/2017 for:

  • Continued use of specialist coach/teachers for the teaching of PE, dance and swimming
  • Access to After School Clubs
  • Enhance games line marking and target games in main school playground and roof playground
  • Purchase new netball posts and goals - big game resources to be installed during the spring term 2017
  • Develop Sports Day resources for In-School use - as we currently borrow from other schools during the summer terms
  • Continued targeted intervention of PE through additional My Time Active and MEND Programme 


 Impacts of PE Premium in 2016/2017 

  • Continuation of consistently high quality outstanding lessons are experienced in every year group across the school.  Greater access to KS1 and KS2 Inter-Borough games has been achieved due to ensuring adequate cover for ratio of staff to pupil.  Allocated +1 additional skilled staff member supports coach at games and travelling to and from venues
  • Smaller teaching groups have been achieved for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to support greater emphasis on differentiation of needs and more concentrated support from coach - linked to two teacher system
  • Continued free afterschool clubs for selected pupils have engaged and enthused pupils.  Sessions are pitched at pupils' specific level.  Less able children are encouraged to feel more 'successful' in their sporting endeavours - in turn raising self esteem, positivity and feeling of success
  • Target games have been purchased for playgrounds at the end of March 2017 - report on impact to follow shortly - however, majority of games are literacy and numeracy based to support curriculum
  • KS1 games equipment has been purchased to support sport during lunch on the roof playground - legacy of P3 training for support staff
  • My Time Active and MEND programme have been ongoing in year two - a parent survey is to be sent in summer term 2017 to measure impact so far - 


We plan to use the PE and Sports Premium in 2017/18 for:

  • Purchase of new netball posts and goals - deferred to 2017/18
  • Purchase of Sports Day Equipment - deferred to 17/18
  • Continuation of smaller teaching groups for Reception, Years 1 and 2
  • Targeted intervention groups for more able and less able